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You are, when you say you are, the I Am statement is the antidote to not becoming who you want to be

Stephen Pressfield says that in The War of Art. Not fake it to you are it, not fake it to you make it.

You are, when you say it.

When the little voice of self doubt creeps in and yells over the top of your own voice when you are trying something new, new art, new writing, new anything. You can’t own you are wanting to become.

The antidote is the I Am statement

  • The I am statement stakes who you are and grounds it into reality
  • Self doubt starts to fade away as you are too busy creating a new world of possibility from a new position of what’s possible
  • The more you say “I am” to other people as you network the more people get to know you as this and opportunities open up
  • Let the I am statement become your mantra

Practice, in front of the mirror, in the shower when you have some quiet time.

Write it on Post It notes and place them where you can see them.

Do more than one over time — drive those overriding self doubt conversations away and BE who you say you are.



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