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Old age ain’t no place for sissies

Mae West apparently had a cushion with this quote on it, I need a posit note on my forehead facing inwards.

Recently a friend of mine woke me up to the fact that I had been living a comfortable zen life which was admirable but not with its usual adventurous purpose.

It was a polite way of saying that I had become stuck, safe and curled up in on myself. I needed a big kick up the proverbial rear end.

I looked back over the last fear years and saw that I had brought into the collective unconscious, agreeing that I was growing old, my body is breaking down, it is normal that my eyesight is getting worse, more wrinkles — you get the idea. Where had my spirit gone, my sense of adventure?

Time to wake up sister, don’t buy in to the fear. No more lying down and letting time roll over me like I am a sacrificial lamb.

Change up the attitude, don’t buy into the downward spiral because my life doesn’t have to be about what is expected, or is accepted. There is a lot of life left in these bones, may not be able to trek up a hill the same way but my eyes can still appreciate the hill.

I don’t mean ageing gracefully either. There is nothing graceful about it, standing in front of a mirror with my glasses on. We have to look for it.

I think that’s why our eyesight goes with age, so we can’t see the wrinkles. There is a silver lining.

It takes courage, being mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy and aligned is paramount to ageing well. I am a woman in her early 60’s with a purpose to age with attitude and courage is what it is going to take, every day.

Join me on the journey of #womenageingwithattitude



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