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Failing to attend to our posture we abandon ourselves, simply standing up can make all the difference to who we think we are.

Reading Amy Power Cuddy; Presence Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Life Challenges was life changer.

A not great work environment had me exhausted in just the every day effort of being me.

Slumping, at my desk, slumping in my mind, a less than version of myself and what I thought I was worth.

When we don’t value and encourage ourselves, we self-abandon.

I wriggled around in my seat as I was listening to the audio book in the car, this statement got in my head. Over and over it played. I was thinking about how I was not eating well, and had stopped exercising. Too tired, too stressed. A vicious cycle

A cycle that needed to change.

I couldn’t control the external factors, but I could control the internal

I had nothing to lose by putting into practice simple posture changes throughout the day to improve my mental attitude towards myself.

I did these things throughout the day, everyday. Check out Amy Cuddy’s Power Poses You Tube Talk

How to do it so that it sticks:

  • Set reminders in your phone at set intervals to do the poses so they became a habit.
  • Do them every day in discrete ways so they blend into your surroundings
  • The hands on hips one is especially good to do standing up listening to someone talk if it is a challenging conversation

This isn’t about power over other people this is about reclaiming ourselves

With practice over a few weeks, my posture expanded, the slumping stopped. Every time I felt it occur I was able to snap out of it quickly. Taking care of our posture is such a simple step in not abandoning ourselves.

Give it a try, especially if you sit at a desk and a computer all day, the difference in how you feel will surprise you.

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