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Ever wondered why the Law of Attraction principles don’t work and how to get unstuck?

It’s because we are constantly un-manifesting what we are attempting to manifest.

We are manifesting what we think we deserve!

Confused? Yes it can be, it sounds simple in the book of Law of Attraction and in the film. But what isn’t explained it also is, for the same principles to work in the opposite way.

Imagine lines of silk thread gently entwined around the words and thoughts as we put out to the universe in our vision to manifest. Then, watch those cords move out when the subconscious chimes in with the negative self talk.

The vision and goals will start to slowly unravel, and untangle.

The world is still manifesting around us as we create it

Sometimes completely as we visualised or thought it, or morphed in a different version of our ideas, and then things just show up “out of the blue” that we had no idea we even thought about.

The reason for this for some of us is that our subconscious mind holds a great store of evidence as to why it won’t work.

Each time we say our mantras, look at our vision boards, or communicate with people our idea we will be gripped by our subconscious and afraid to move.

A lot of the time we will be unable to move forward from the idea.

Getting unstuck to visualise and use mantras effectively

The way to work with visualisation and mantras effectively is to do the following steps:

  • Enter a relaxed state, either meditate or play meditation music and relax in a quiet place while listening for 10- 20 minutes. Do visualisation and mantras during this time.
  • When visualising and saying mantras during awake time, wrap these words around them “I like the idea…”.

Performing these two simple steps allows the parking of the inner voice and stops it from bringing self doubt along for the ride.

Allowing creativity to establish free rein will speed up the ability to manifest whilst enabling more control of what is and isn’t manifested.

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