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Covid is over; get back out in the world by reconnecting to my higher self

I had let her fade away, let laziness and complacency take over. Let a creepy vine of no responsibility for my life take over!

I learnt about working with my higher self several years ago, a tool to use to define and live a purpose with goals over a period of time. Especially with n ideas that looked difficult or impossible. As my higher self, I could lean into the goal, to see how I would feel if I accomplished it, what activities I had completed, and who I needed to be to get there.

#1 To connect to your future self follow these steps

You can do this through meditation, or, listen to some music for about 20 minutes, close your eyes, set your intention to meet your future self.

Who is she? How does she carry herself, what does , how does she feel — is she joyful, loving, grounded, or more air or fiery, or corporate like. She could be professorial, does she smile a lot? What does she do? How does she dress? What has she achieved? What can she teach you and support you in?

Be aware that she could be quite different to you, and that is perfectly ok!

#2. Give your future self a name

Give her a name, develop a relationship with her, talk to her — often! I talk to her all. the. time! I even argue with her, call me crazy but it works.

She is my accountability partner.

#3. Write down who you need to be to transform the habit to uncurl yourself

On a post it note write down who you need to be to align with your future self. Put it where you can see it. Memorise it.

When the reluctant feeling grabs you by the throat, or your breath catches when the “covid habit” has struck, visualise your future self, that beautiful picture of you.

She will keep you moving, getting you unstuck one day at a time.

Imagine a world of all our beautiful future selves coming out to play!



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Karolyn Gainfort

Karolyn Gainfort

A Coach — shaping order out of chaos — tapping into our innate wisdom✨ ritual and ceremony officiant, a legal civil marriage celebrant in training💐