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Get intentional with your thoughts, get intentional with what you say, get intentional with how you frame your vision.

Staying focused on the manifestation of our goals can be difficult, our jumbled uncontrolled thinking pops in with its little inner critical voice overriding our best intentions as if it is an on demand tv channel.

Lose the want, I want weakens the intention and leaves the requirement hanging in the breeze like a baby tree floundering in a storm.

See the success, speak the success, be firm and use language of power that is firm and decisive.

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Sorry, I don’t understand Radical Honesty. Either love someone or don’t. Please don’t turn love on like a tap.

Having this conversation over dinner with the brother of a friend when he was describing an argument with his girlfriend. We had this debate.

My POV as I am curious as to why it has to be Radical Honesty and not just be honest, but I digress.

What could be said:

  • “You are being an arsehole right now” and/or;
  • “I don’t know who you are being right now” and/or;
  • “Not feeling the love right now”

Taking and giving love away just because we are pissed off at someone, is conditional and that is not honest love. Regardless of it whether it lives in Radical Honesty or not.

Be kind, to yourself and those you love, we all deserve honest and unconditional love.



Karolyn Gainfort

Karolyn Gainfort

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